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                                                                                The harvests began in the last
                                                                                week of August, seven to ten
                                                                                days early, depending on the
                                                                                area, in relation to the previous
                                                                                End of August: beginning of
                                                                                the harvests with the whites in
                                                                                Costières de Nîmes, as well as
                                                                                the Merlots for our “no added
                                                                                sulphur” cuvée from Château
                                                                                Grand Escalion. Chardonnays
                                                                                and Sauvignons in the Hérault
                                                                                and the Gard.
                                                                                September harvesting of the
                                                                                grapes in all of the Rhône Valley
                                                                                appellations: Plan de Dieu,
                                                                                Cairanne, Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
                                                                                End of September end of
                                                                                harvests with the Gigondas

 The creative phase  together  with the  teams.  For Véronique,
 the 2020 vintage will be a reflection of this
 Now that the vats are all filled, the teams   – “sweet and smooth” – as if to remind us
 begin the maturation and blending of the   that the sun always shines after the rain!
 wines. “The team and I particularly  enjoy
 this  creative process. It is  the crowning
 moment of  the whole year, when we
 complete the work that began in the vines.”
 It requires  many  hours  of  tasting and
 blending. All of the members of the team
 are  involved.  The  creation of  a  vintage
 involves ideas,  thoughts and feelings.  First tastings                        Reception of the harvest at the Domaine de Longue Toque
 The first white vinified juices
 Beyond  technical  aspects,  a  vintage is   are aromatic, with no heaviness
 a  human adventure.  2020 brought  its   and very harmonious, combining
 own  particular difficulties, but also   freshness and concentration. The
 some  magnificent  harvests  with  quality   rosés are fresh and moreish, while
 the reds have elegant tannins
 grapes and some special moments spent   and spicy notes. The vintage is
 proving itself to be of very high
 quality, with wines offering a very
 beautiful aromatic expression.
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